Electricity tariff to go up soon

The government will soon declare increment in electricity tariff. Energy Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat said that the electricity tariff commission would recommend the increment rate in a “scientific manner”.

According to Dr Mahat, the new tariff rate will vary for common users, large industries and other sectors demanding huge energy.

“The electricity tariff has remained the same for a decade. And, the Nepal Electricity Authority had been incurring losses due to low rate of electricity. As such, the increment of the tariff is simply essential,” he justified.

Earlier, Finance Minister Surendra Pandey had also echoed the same voice.

Minister Mahat also made it a point to relate that the power outages would exceed 12 hours a day this year.

According to Mahat, the government is planning to repair defunct thermal plants installed at Biratnagar and Hetauda. A company from the United Kingdom and another from Finland have been hired for the purpose.

source: nepalnews.com