40,000-yr elephant footprint in Valley

A team of geologists and sedimentologists from Japan and Tribhuvan University (TU) have discovered 40,000 and 24,000 years old footprints of elephants respectively on two separate soil sediments in Kathmandu Valley.

Paras says he will return to lead Nepal through votes

Ex-Crown Prince Paras Shah revealed that he left Kathmandu because of differences with his father former King Gyanendra and insecurity following the political change that abolished monarchy in the country. In the interviews with The New Paper, tabloid published from Singapore, Paras who has been living in Singapore since July last year after the monarchy was abolished in May, said, “I left Kathmandu (the capital) because it was not safe then for me. I did not get along with my father at the time.” In Tuesday’s issue of The New Paper, the ex-crown prince who has won an ill-fame in